December 10, 2019
The third article in this “Top 5 Trends” series examines what it takes for leading family offices to secure the expertise they need to achieve the goals they’ve defined. TREND #3 – OUTSOURCING TOP TALENT TO MANAGE COMPLEX DEMANDS
December 07, 2019
The second article in this “Top 5 Trends” series looks at what leading family offices are doing differently to groom the next generation to govern and preserve their families' wealth and vision. TREND #2 – SUCCESSION PLANNING BECOMES A TOP PRIORITY
July 05, 2019
The first article in this "Top 5 Trends" series examines the shift to Direct Investing, which can, when supported with the right skills and structure, provide superior returns. TREND #1 - CHOOSING DIRECT INVESTMENT TO SECURE HIGHER RETURNS Today's returns have been buoyed by a 10-year trend of economic growth. As we reach the end of this business cycle and its record high valuations, portfolios relying solely on private equity funds to meet allocation targets will face increased risk and...
September 13, 2018
The terms “succession” and “transition” don’t really capture the needs of family-owned businesses. PERPETUATING family businesses is really what's important. A change of leadership – or even ownership – is simply an event within the lifespan of a business. That business is more than just a source of income. It is the product of hard work, investment and risk taking. That business has a soul, a culture and is responsible for the livelihood of its employees.