family business CFO's are essential in Black swan events like covid-19

CFO's of family businesses play a key role in this shifting and unpredictable environment. Here's what they should be doing right now to help their companies survive and thrive. (Article by Jane Hamrle, published in Family Business Magazine, September/October 2020)

Private Company Consultants

We Help high and ultra-high net worth investors maximize direct investment returns across the middle market

Middle market companies are the very fabric of American society with deeply held values that embody loyalty and hold communities together.   Yet these organizations are overwhelmed by the rapidly increasing pace of business and speed of change, while under siege by private equity firms and large corporations that often lack those societal values.


Today's market dynamics require increasingly more sophisticated support to seize opportunities and remain agile.  Private Company Consultants provides a holistic service model to capture value creation and synergy and help perpetuate superior returns for high and ultra-high net worth investors and owners of middle market companies.

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